The Academy Grimsby celebrates excellent exam results

The Academy Grimsby are celebrating their first set of GCSE results. Named under The Grimsby Institute in today’s league tables, TAG showed an impressive 0.24 Progress 8 score, the new headline measure from the Government which measures progress across every student regardless of grades. 54% of The Academy Grimsby’s class of 2016 gained at least a C in English and Maths, another strong performance from the fledging school.

Headteacher, Paul Thundercliffe was delighted:

“We have built a school from nothing over the past two years and I am very proud of the students and the staff.  I am also pleased for parents who took a bold step in joining a brand new school, their foresight has been rewarded.

“Our P8 score is excellent, particularly with students who arrived with lower prior attainment of, which proves our ethos of education for all.  There were also dazzling results for many students who gained an array of A8 and A grades.  Our small classes and personalised curriculum have ensured that each student has realised their potential and has a great start ensured in their life.

“There were many in the local community and beyond who thought TAG would fail and I am grateful to the Grimsby Institute for backing the vision and allowing TAG to grow so quickly.  We cannot wait to work with the current students we have and welcome more to the Grimsby Institute family.  We are heavily over-subscribed and are almost full for September.”

Year 11 TAG student, Elle Stewart is one of the many students who are excelling whilst at TAG, Mum Hayley Stewart is thrilled with Elle’s progress, she commented:

“I decided to move my daughter to TAG at the start of her year ten schooling. She was an average student, but had little direction in what she wanted to do in life. It was without doubt the best move she has ever made. She was worried at first, leaving friends she had made behind, but was lucky as some of her friends parents saw what we saw and also moved their children. She need not have worried as she soon made more new friends, and settled straight in. Her attitude to learning also changed. The teaching style is amazing, my daughter comes home full of all they have done during the day, showing me how much progress she has made. She’s now in year eleven with a level two in engineering already completed and a future that is full of promises.

The staff are a true credit to the teaching profession and it’s all because of them that she now has a future plan. Her report was amazing and the pride we have for her matches. I have personally worked in education for over fifteen years and never have I seen such dedication, opportunity, and development. The only regret I have is that TAG wasn’t open when my sons were at school. So I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing staff and their vision of education and how young people should be treated. My daughter entered TAG as a child with little direction and she will leave a young woman with qualifications which will map her future for the best.”