Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement

The curriculum offer provides all students with the opportunities to develop the skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding, qualities, characteristics and strengths to be effective learners and citizens. Their achievements as learners enable our students to become successful leaders, employers, employees and entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world.

The design of the curriculum ensures that all students see and appreciate the context and purpose of their learning. The Academy believes that the key outcomes of this approach will be higher achievements, along with raised aspirations and broader horizons; it also plays a pivotal role in regeneration of the local community The learning approaches and teaching practice in the Academy will be personalised for each learner to ensure engagement and the development of a joy of learning. Life-wide learning will be a particular focus.

Such an approach develops the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be:

  1. Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  2. Confident individuals who are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life
  3. Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their communities and society

It currently has specialisms in three areas:

  1. Health Studies
  2. Engineering
  3. Creative, Digital and Games

The range of qualifications available includes academic, technical and professionally-related and occupational opportunities. Close links with other educational establishments will provide clear progression routes post-16.

The element of the curriculum that provides students with opportunities to acquire qualifications is structured to deliver a core entitlement of Mathematics, English, Science, Foreign Languages and Humanities. Students will also be able to create their own personalised learning pathways.

Gifted and talented students will be identified and a range of opportunities both within and extended from the curriculum will enable them to develop those gifts and talents. These opportunities will include provision within formal learning, study support, workplace learning and acceleration, extension and enrichment activities.

Strategies and processes are designed and embedded to ensure that barriers to learning and achievement can be identified and removed. The curriculum is responsive to students regardless of their background or level of learning, and staff will embrace the inclusive ethos of the Academy, recognising the potential of all children and young people regardless of race, gender, religion, socio-economic background, disability, language or sexual orientation.

A range of support strategies and facilities are in place to support those students with special educational, emotional and behavioural needs to ensure they will have the support they need to flourish. These will include in-class, small group and individual support, provided by a wide range of specifically trained and expert professionals.

There is a discrete, as well as an integrated, focus on ‘citizenship’ across the curriculum. This will include opportunities for specific and planned engagement during out-of-Academy hours and outside the formal curriculum. Active links will be built with other countries to promote the principle of global citizenship. Progressive development of learning pathways and discrete subject provision will be a feature of the Academy.

The Academy aims to be a centre of learning and social support for the communities within its catchment. It can provide a rich and diverse curriculum and personalised learning for all learners, whilst at the same time ensuring strong links with business and developing an outward-looking perspective for young people and adults alike. Close relationships will be built and maintained with multi-agency support groups.

The Academy believes it has a role in widening the horizons of its children and young people and so will provide opportunities to engage with and develop a wide variety of hobbies and other interests. We will aim to enrich and enhance young people’s lives by providing facilities and facilitators, and encourage young people to engage in a wide range of activities such as sports, arts & culture, history, DIY skills, debating, social clubs and so on. These enrichments will also provide young people with a strong sense of worth, which will, in turn, feedback into a more positive approach to learning.

The Academy also provides a broad, balanced curriculum for all students, while developing innovative and creative approaches to both teaching and learning, making education more relevant and interesting. This includes access to a high-quality alternative curriculum which includes technical and professional qualifications, work-related learning and work-based-learning. The curriculum is designed to ensure access for all students with identified provision for groups of specific students such as those who have been identified as Gifted & Talented, having Special Educational Needs or English as an Additional Language needs. The curriculum ensures that there is appropriate accreditation of courses that are offered. The Academy measures its progress and sets associated targets which will look to deliver and exceed against national benchmarks.

New and exciting learning opportunities, plus personalised learning programmes that recognise individual needs, aptitudes and interests will all build towards maximising student success. We work to ensure that the joy of learning is fostered in the curriculum and the different key stages.