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Maritime & Logistics

The maritime and logistics industry offers a range of well-paid and challenging career opportunities, giving you the chance to travel the world and experience an exciting and different lifestyle.

Jobs within the industry include deckhand, deck officer, marine deckhand, engineering officer, captain and chief engineers, with opportunities to work either onshore or at sea. There is a huge range of jobs onshore including; ships agents, marine law and insurance.

The Maritime and Logistics Pathway qualification is your first step towards one of these exciting careers, giving you a broad foundation of knowledge as well as offering significant opportunities to develop practical skills.

You will learn the components of the maritime sector and why they are important economically, find out about key maritime career pathways, be able to distinguish between different types of vessels in common use and understand the importance of protecting the marine environment.

You will also learn about the logistics industry, which is responsible for the majority of trade in the UK. It is especially relied upon for passenger transport, which includes bus, airlines and railways. You can work towards a rewarding career in areas such as freight forwarding, transport management and ecommerce, with exciting future jobs in automation and other digital innovations also on the horizon.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to take another year of study to build on your skills before you can apply to our Humber Maritime College . This offers fully-funded training and a direct pathway into a career in the Merchant Navy as a deck officer or engineering officer .

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