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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts course is made up of different strands of the arts including drama, dance and production. Students could specialise in one of these elements or undertake a more holistic qualification.

The ethos of TAG is to allow our students to develop into young people ready for the world of work. The social skills that performing arts can develop are vital to long-term success in the world of work.

We are also committed to offering a range of technical and professional qualifications and Performing Arts will appeal to a wide variety of students who will not only see a potential career in the industry but will also find this pathway a boost to confidence and the development of personal skills.

The core units include Individual Showcase and Community Arts, with mandatory units looking at Performance in Context and the Performing Arts industry. There are then another 40 units to choose from that encompass all areas of the arts.

On top of that there will be the opportunity to perform regularly and gain experience in all areas of the arts with input from professional companies and the potential opportunity to undertake work experience.

The new Performing Arts studio has mirrored walls, a state of-the-art sound system and a sprung dance floor.

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