TAG is simply ‘Out of this World’

Students at The Academy Grimsby have proved they are ‘out of this world’ by launching two weather balloons into space. They achieved this fantastic feat by combining the knowledge they have gained throughout the year in Science, Engineering and Maths.

Mr Kelly, Lead Teacher of Science at The Academy Grimsby, said:

“We used this knowledge to attach a payload containing a camera, GPS, atmosphere and pressure sensors to the weather balloons. Not only did this allow us to achieve some amazing footage but allowed us to collect data that we will be able to interpret to show the evolution of our own atmosphere.”

Students were impressed with the footage received from the on-board camera. Elle Stuart said: “I cant believe something I made is in space!” Kira Roberts was also buzzing with excitement about it. Kira said:

“That is amazing, science is amazing. I’m so proud to be at TAG.”

Fellow student, Josh Child, couldn’t believe it was actually in space and Ben Smith commented:

“This is proof that TAG has the highest standards.”

Mr Thundercliffe, Head Teacher of The Academy Grimsby, added:

“Although this project was spearheaded by Mr Kelly this could not have been achieved without the support from the Grimsby Institute and the hard work of the students of TAG.”