The Academy Grimsby Policies

The Academy Grimsby Policies

You will find all you need to know about The Academy Grimsby’s Policies including, admissions, safeguarding, equality and diversity and other related policies.

The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education (GIFHE) was established under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 for the purpose of conducting its business. GIFHE is an exempt charity under Part 3 of the Charities Act 2011.

In the delivery of its mission GIFHE uses brand names and trading styles in the public domain and includes, but not limited to: the TEC Partnership; Scarborough TEC; Lincolnshire Regional College; The Academy Grimsby and Career 6.

Policies, data protection registration and other documentation and legal requirements relating to or as part of the operation of brands are part of the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education’s legal status.

View the TEC Partnership Policy’s here

The Academy Grimsby (14-16) is part of the TEC Partnership. The TEC Partnership offers a high quality learning experience to students residing within a radius of the four main college sites based in Grimsby, Louth, Skegness and Scarborough. The provision of excellent opportunities to learn is of paramount importance to The TEC Partnership and this will be underpinned by outstanding pupil support within the purpose built facilities of the Academy Grimsby at the Westward Ho site.

Download a pdf copy of our Admissions Policy here

The Academy Grimsby recognises that it has statutory and moral duty towards safeguarding the welfare of its students – they should feel safe throughout their time with us and will be supported if any concerns are raised. We have a dedicated Safeguarding Team, who are available to talk to if students have any concerns, are unhappy, or even if they are worried about the welfare of a friend or fellow student.

Students can talk to one of the team about any concerns they may have. Our Safeguarding Team are here to help and can be approached easily.

Download a pdf copy of our Safeguarding policy here

The Academy Grimsby is a forward thinking organisation that prides itself for putting its people, both students and staff at the heart of everything we do.

All of our activities in relation to teaching, safeguarding, training, recruitment, retention and progression are areas where we must be mindful of the diverse needs of those we work with.

Although the law no longer requires public sector organisations to produce equality schemes, the TEC Partnership has produced an Equality Statement which is a statement of our intent.

This statement underpinned by declarations from the leaders of the Group that include many actions we believe will proactively eliminate all forms of discrimination where they exist and prevent them from occurring in the first instance.

Academy Grimsby statement of Equality Intent and Equality Action can be found here for all staff, students, the public and stakeholders/partners.

The TEC Partnership statement of Equality Intent and Equality Action can be found here for all staff, students, the public and stakeholders/partners.

Download a pdf copy of our Equality and Diversity here