Parent & Carer Communications


Welcome to our communications portal. We realise sometimes info can get lost in the post or miscommunicated, therefore any letters or emails sent to yourselves/students will also be posted here.

Exam Timetable Summer 2020

Tuesday12th May14:00AQA GCSE Science: Biology Paper 1
Wednesday13th May09:30BTEC First: Animal Care
Wednesday13th May09:30AQA GCSE English Literature: Paper 1
Thursday14th May09:30AQA GCSE Science: Chemistry Paper 1
Monday18th May09:30PEARSON GCSE Geography: Paper 1
Tuesday19th May09:30PEARSON GCSE Maths: Paper 1 (Non Calculator)
Wednesday20th May14:00AQA GCSE Science: Physics Paper 1
Thursday21st May09:30AQA GCSE English Literature: Paper 2
Monday1st June09:30PEARSON GCSE History Paper 1
Monday1st June14:00AQA GCSE Science: Biology Paper 2
Tuesday2nd June09:30AQA GCSE English Language: Paper 1
Wednesday3rd June09:30PEARSON GCSE Geography: Paper 2
Thursday4th June09:30PEARSON GCSE Maths: Paper 2 (Calculator)
Thursday4th June14:00PEARSON GCSE History Paper 2
Friday5th June09:30AQA GCSE English Language: Paper 2
Friday5th June14:00OCR iMedia (Games Design)
Monday8th June09:30PEARSON GCSE Maths: Paper 3 (Calculator)
Tuesday9th June09:30PEARSON GCSE History Paper 3
Wednesday10th June09:30AQA GCSE Science: Chemistry Paper 2
Wednesday10th June14:00AQA GCSE Polish: Listening & Reading
Thursday11th June09:30PEARSON GCSE Geography: Paper 3
Friday12th June09:30AQA GCSE Science: Physics Paper 2
Wednesday17th June09:30AQA GCSE Polish: Writing

You will receive your statement of entry just before the Easter break in order for you to check your full details and exams you are entered for.