Children with SEND

We believe that every child is unique and therefore offer a completely fresh approach with an emphasis on person centred learning and raising the expectations of learners; by removing barriers to enable each child to reach their own educational potential.

Our staff use a range of different multi-sensory teaching styles and innovative approaches both in the classroom and during enrichment activities to develop each child in all aspects of their lives which prepares them for the transition into adulthood and the lifelong learning journey.

What we offer:

* Classroom support is available for core subjects and specialist intervention programmes

* Positive Progress 8 scores for progress by students with SEND

* Pupils and parents are involved in decision making with regards all aspects of their learning

* Small class sizes benefits students with SEND

* Individual IEP’s tailored to suit the specific needs of children with SEND

* Access to a full team of professionals trained in aspects of SEND including assessment, including expertise at The Grimsby Institute.