Pupil Premium/SEN


Since 2011, the Government has provided additional funding to schools called the Pupil Premium. This is for ‘looked after children’ (LAC) and pupils who have received ‘free school meals’ during the last 6 years. There is also additional money for children of families in the forces during the last 5 years.

The money is used to provide additional support to ensure looked after children and children from low income families are not at a disadvantage or fall behind their expected target grades. The Forces Premium is provided to ensure additional pastoral support is available for pupils whose parents may be, for example, posted abroad.

The Academy Grimsby provides an outstanding, learner‐centred education for pupils from 14-16. Learning is individually tailored to ensure every pupil can reach the highest academic, technical or vocational level through a dynamic, creative and inspiring curriculum. Our technical college is fully inclusive, highly aspirational and the standards driven will ensure learners are receiving the best learning experience possible and that everyone reaches their full potential irrespective of background or prior attainment.

We provide an all through curriculum that focuses on the individual learning pathway of each pupil and charts their development and continued improvement as they move through each level. Transition dips are eliminated by having continuity of learner data and teachers’ awareness of each learner’ s developmental needs. This supports timely intervention, opportunities for accelerated learning and special needs support as and when required.

A collaborative ethos with, the local authority to ensure the school is constantly adapting to the needs of the learners. A focus on evidence based research and practice to ensure the very best and latest teaching and learning strategies drive success and achievement. A large and experienced network within the Grimsby Institute group and TEC partnership which will enable business efficiencies to drive the very best services for all learners.