Newsletter – March 2021

Matthew Holness
Deputy Principal of The Academy Grimsby
[email protected]

“Thank you for choosing The Academy Grimsby for your child for September 2021. It’s been a difficult year for us all and I know we’re all looking forward to a bit of normality – I think I am! Over the last 12 months at The Academy Grimsby we’ve delivered online learning, personally couriered 10 laptops to learners all across Grimsby and arranged over 60 free school meals. Staff, parents and learners pulled together and it’s been amazing to witness. I’m incredibly proud of them all.


“Looking ahead, we’re delighted to be welcoming our new cohort of Year 10s to The Academy Grimsby in September. It’s going to be a fantastic year and there’s lots to look forward to. So read on to find out what to expect next, find out more about our learners and discover more about life at The Academy Grimsby.


“The Academy Grimsby is more than a school, education is more than lessons in a classroom and your child will do more here than they ever thought possible. Bring on September!”

What to expect next…

Your child’s place has been confirmed at The Academy Grimsby! Now, it’s time to start planning for September.
Here’s what to expect over the next few months…


Your child will receive a limited edition The Academy Grimsby hoody. Here they can refer a friend in their school year who can also claim a free one.

Also look out for your treats that will be working their way through your door just in time for Easter.


Look out for information on enrolment and summer treats that will be heading your way.


Your child will be invited to The Academy Grimsby to pick out their subsidised uniform – we will provide you with a branded polo shirt in either black or white as well as a branded fleece.

Your child will then be able to pick their GCSE options and officially enrol at The Academy Grimsby.


Before the new term starts, we will be hosting three inset days just for the new Year 10s. During these three days, new learners will get to meet their tutors, learn more about The Academy Grimsby and even enjoy some free pizzas with their new friends.

Learners are then all ready for the new term to start!





Amelia Banks

Amelia Banks was homeschooled for a number of years but decided that she wanted to study for her GCSEs alongside her peers. The Academy Grimsby’s learning environment obviously suited Amelia, as she achieved two nines, three eights and a six in her GCSEs!

“After being homeschooled, I tried a ‘traditional’ school. But I didn’t cope with the size very well. There were too many people and it was very overwhelming. So I decided to come to The Academy Grimsby where I knew there were smaller class sizes.


“The teachers worked with me to help make the transition easier. I was allowed to enter the school via a different route, so I could avoid any larger crowds. I also ate my lunch in a separate space, which really helped. I loved my time at The Academy Grimsby.


“I enjoy cooking and being creative, so the pathway options suited me. Now, I’m moving on to study English Literature, Sociology and Psychology.”



Samantha Dent

Samantha Dent struggled with significant health problems when she first started at The Academy Grimsby. But with support from The Academy Grimsby, she didn’t let that stop her. As a budding artist, Samantha is incredibly proud to have achieved an eight in her Art GCSE and even saw her work exhibited in the Japanese Embassy in London.

“I came to The Academy Grimsby because I wanted more freedom and more support. And that’s exactly what I got.


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pencil in my hand and loved drawing. I’ve always known that it’s what I wanted to do as a career. So I came to The Academy Grimsby to give me a chance to be more creative. I’ve had an amazing Art teacher during my time here. She’s always been lovely to me and helped me a lot.


“I’m really proud to have achieved an eight in Art. I’m now moving on to study for a Level 3 in Art and Design. I’m a different person since coming to The Academy Grimsby. I got the help I needed here and now I’m excited for the future.”



Codie-Louise Wilkinson

Codie-Louise Wilkinson came to The Academy Grimsby because she wanted to learn real, employable skills in a real life, practical environment. And that’s what she got.

“I decided to come to The Academy Grimsby because the pathway options were more practical. There just seemed to be better options available here that would suit me and my style of learning. I decided to take the health and care pathway and really enjoyed it.


“At The Academy Grimsby, it feels like our learning is prioritised. We’re not worried about strict uniform rules and restrictions; we’re trusted and our education is put first.


“Smaller classes also mean you get one-to-one support. I liked all of my teachers. By the end of my time at The Academy Grimsby, my teachers felt almost more like parents. If I ever had a problem, I knew I could talk to a teacher. They are all really nice, nurturing and supportive.”



Daniel Cooper

“I took the creative, digital and games pathway at The Academy Grimsby. When I started, I wasn’t the most technical person but I was interested in the subject, so thought I’d give the pathway a try. I’m so glad I did and now my technical skills have improved. I really enjoyed the pathway.


“I knew that if I did the work I’d get the results I wanted, so I’m really happy with my GCSE results. I’m now going on to study Film, Music Technology and English Literature.”



Our pathways are completely unique and give our learners the best start on their future careers. They’ll learn skills to help make them employable and get to grips with their chosen pathway in industry-standard facilities.



In September, we’ll be increasing our GCSE and BTEC options. Learners can now choose three options from an increased list of seven subjects. So not only will your child be able to study a technical pathway (which is worth two GCSEs) in industry-standard workshops, studios and salons, but they’ll also leave with six GCSEs/BTECS.





The TEC Partnership is delighted to announce it has won the prestigious Beacon Jisc Award for Effective Use of Digital Technology in Further Education.

The Partnership, which incorporates Ofsted outstanding colleges such as Grimsby Institute, Skegness TEC, Scarborough TEC and East Riding College as well as The Academy Grimsby, has numerous digital accolades to its name.

As well as holding Microsoft Showcase status, it was recently made an EdTech Demonstrator College by the Department for Education and is currently supporting 72 schools and colleges.

Deborah Millar, TEC Partnership Group Executive Director – Digital Learning Technology, said:

“Winning the Jisc Award for Effective Use of Digital Technology in Further Education in a year when everyone moved online and upped their digital game is an incredible feeling. We still haven’t processed it!

“We have been relentless in our desire to inspire, empower and support others in their use of technology. It is not about teachers using an app in the classroom. At the TEC Partnership, technology is the enabler, it is the golden thread throughout every department within the organisation, it’s a way of life.”

She continued:

“Helping develop an effective digital strategy, increase their edtech skills and ultimately enable their communities throughout this pandemic has been a privilege and a practice we felt worth sharing.

“With this Beacon Award, we hope to continue to share each other’s practice, work more collaboratively, forge supportive peer-to-peer relationships and help the #LoveOurColleges sector shine brighter.”

The Association of Colleges’ Beacon Awards celebrate the best and most innovative practice among UK colleges each year. This award supported by Jisc celebrates effective use of digital technology in further education.

Mark White, Interim Chair of AoC’s Charitable Trust said:

“The AoC Beacon Awards showcase exactly why colleges are so important to every community and why people value them. This award celebrates an outstanding example of the use of technology and the work of the winning college goes above and beyond.”



At The Academy Grimsby, our learners’ mental health is incredibly important. A lot of our mental health has taken a battering over lockdown, so we made sure to stay in touch with our learners and provide them with practical advice to help them through…

1. Make time for exercise

We’re allowed outside exercise each day, so make the most of this freedom! I can’t stress enough how important fresh air is to boost your mood. Especially if your mood is low, or you feel lacking in energy or anxious, set aside some time (in the daylight!) to get outside and into nature. Tetney Lock, Cleethorpes beach and Weelsby Woods are great places for walking.

If you don’t manage to leave home, then try doing a home workout (there are thousands of free ones online). No one is expecting you to be marathon ready, but even half an hour of Joe Wicks, Yoga or dancing to your favourite music will get your positive endorphins flowing.

2. Connect and gamify

It might seem obvious but continuing to communicate with your family and friends is so important for your mental health (and theirs!). Planning chats throughout the week gives you pockets of social time to look forward to. But you can also ‘gamify’ your catch ups…

There are some great online free quiz apps you can use to compete against family and friends. Kahoot is also a great place to create your own quiz and once you’ve uploaded your questions you can share your screen and have others take part and answer the questions in the fastest time on their phones. It’s fast paced and definitely takes your mind off other things.

3. Set yourself achievable goals

A fantastic piece of advice from is to give yourself a goal each day. Having something to aim for will give you a purpose, and mini goals are particularly great in giving yourself a confidence boost. It could be cooking a meal, finishing a piece of work, getting around to sorting out your wardrobe or going for a walk. The sense of achievement (however small) has huge benefits to your mental wellbeing.

4. Do something you’re good at

What do you love doing? What activities can you lose yourself in? What did you love doing in the past? Perhaps you once enjoyed painting, writing or playing football. Doing an activity you enjoy helps time to pass and keeps your mind from dwelling on other things.

At The Academy Grimsby, learners have access to a range of mental health support – from our School Nurse Service to virtual support services via Kooth, we’re always on hand to help.