Covid Update: Student Testing

As we get ready to welcome you back on 8 March, we have further information about how to book a voluntary Covid test on or in advance of your return to site.

Our testing facility in the Corner Lounge at the University Centre will remain, and be joined by other facilities at Skegness TEC, The Academy Grimsby and our Nunsthorpe Campus.

Testing is available by appointment onlyin order to maintain social distancing. To consent to taking a lateral flow Covid-19 test, please fill in the following form:

Parents or guardians must give consent for students aged under 16 using the following form:

After you have completed the consent form the next screen will provide you with a link to our online booking system, which will allow you to select a day and time for your first test (we will start testing from Friday 5 March 2021). Please complete all the required details on the form, to ensure we have the necessary information to process your test when you attend the testing centre. Please also make sure that your test is booked during free periods and not during your lesson times.

You will be offered the opportunity to take 3 lateral flow tests when you start back on 8 March. The tests should be 3-5 days apart. After this point we will make home testing kits available for learners who want them.

Please note we only have limited available slots for testing and, if you are not able to book on the day you would like, please try the link again the following day as we are trying to judge the amount of tests we need to provide.