Live Your Best Life: ‘You’re not lost in the crowd’

Before coming to The Academy Grimsby, Megan Copley felt lost among a sea of pupils at a larger school. But smaller class sizes at The Academy Grimsby meant she received the one-to-one tuition she wanted.

“The school I had been at before The Academy Grimsby was just too big. There were hundreds of pupils and you could just get lost. The Academy Grimsby is different. Your questions are answered, and you get the support you need. You’re not ‘lost in the crowd’.

“I was initially attracted to The Academy Grimsby’s range of subjects. It felt more ‘personalised’ to me and, as I wanted to go into nursing, I decided to take the health and care pathway.

“I loved the pathway and I’m really proud of my results. For my GCSEs, I’ve picked up three eights, one seven and two sixes.

“The best thing about The Academy Grimsby is the teachers. I didn’t think I’d ever be close with my teachers, but I am here. They’re great.

“Now, I’m moving on to Career 6 to study the crime and society pathway. After that, I’d like to go to university to do forensic psychology.”

Our health and care pathway still has places available. Get in touch to find out more!