Matt’s Minute: Back to ‘normal’ at The Academy Grimsby

Along with all other UK academies, schools and universities, we closed the doors of The Academy Grimsby 12 weeks ago following the outbreak of coronavirus. Since then, our teaching staff have been delivering online learning at home for our learners.

It’s been a challenging time for us all but I’m incredibly proud of how well learners and staff have adapted.

We’ve been closely following Government guidelines and, after weeks of preparation, we were able to reopen (designated) doors of The Academy Grimsby this week. And what a week it’s been.

What’s changed?

  • Currently, we’re welcoming 40 learners to The Academy Grimsby per day to allow for social distancing. The Year 10 cohort has been split into three groups, so learners are coming in every three days. For the two days in between, they’re receiving online learning tuition.
  • Lunch times and breaks are now staggered to maintain social distancing across the campus.
  • Only certain areas of The Academy Grimsby are open at the moment, with designated entrances and exits clearly marked.
  • Classrooms have been rearranged to allow for more space and safe social distancing.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our teaching. Making sure that learners achieve the best they possibly can and are free to take the path they know is right for them in a supportive, positive and nurturing learning environment is our main aim at The Academy Grimsby. We want our learners to succeed and develop into well-rounded and accomplished adults; and social distancing certainly won’t get in the way of that!

First day back

There has been a lot of careful planning involved in reopening. Cleaning, timetabling, new signage, classroom arrangements and updates to our free transport provision have all been considered and adapted.

On the first day, I went out to the buses to welcome learners back to The Academy Grimsby. I explained the new rules and everyone responded really well. I could tell some leaners were anxious about the first day back, as they didn’t quite know what to expect. But after stepping off the bus, they said they were immediately put at ease and felt safe. And incredibly happy to be back!

We had 100% attendance, so I’m encouraged that learners feel safe, motivated and ready to get back to ‘normality’. I know I am!

One week in…

Everything has gone extremely well this week. I have to thank all of our teachers and support staff who have helped everything run so smoothly. When I asked which teachers would be able to come in for the new term, I was inundated with volunteers. We were fully staffed within about 10 minutes.

It’s been an amazing week and I’m absolutely delighted. Everyone onsite has kept to the new rules, there have been no issues and it’s been fantastic to see everyone again.

  • Matt Holness, Deputy Principal

If you or your child is interested in attending The Academy Grimsby, Matt is hosting personal social distanced tours of the campus every Wednesday from 4 – 6pm.

To book your place or to find out more information about The Academy Grimsby’s pathways and industry-leading facilities contact: [email protected] or call: 01472 311231.