International Women in Engineering Day: ‘Just go for it!’

This week marked International Women in Engineering Day. This annual celebration aims to highlight the range of opportunities engineering provides and encourage the next generation of female engineers to consider engineering as a career path.

Only 12% of engineers in the UK are women. This imbalance needs to be addressed. We’re helping to drive that change at The Academy Grimsby.

Melody Merritt is one of six future female engineers to have completed our engineering pathway this year. She’s now looking to start an engineering apprenticeship, whilst studying at Grimsby Institute.

¬“When I was in Year 9 and considering my options, I noticed the ‘pathways’ available at The Academy Grimsby. My Dad is a mechanical engineer, so I knew a little bit about engineering already, but I hadn’t had the chance to do any hands-on work. I just thought I’d give the engineering pathway a go and see what it was like.

“On my first day, I was a bit nervous as I thought I’d be the only girl on the engineering pathway. But I immediately made friends with one of the other girls in my class and everyone was really supportive and welcoming.

“At The Academy Grimsby, we’re expected to think for ourselves. We have the freedom to use the machinery independently and complete practical tasks. This year, I made a digital height gauge, which I’m really proud of.

“We’re also taught the theoretical side of engineering. I’ve enjoyed looking through and understanding technical engineering drawings.

“My engineering tutor has been a huge help. He has really supported me and pushed me to do my best.

“My advice to other girls considering engineering is: just go for it! Don’t be nervous. If you enjoy what you do, who cares what anyone else thinks?”

If you or your child is interested in finding out more about our engineering pathway – or any of The Academy Grimsby’s pathways – please get in touch