A helping hand: How The Academy Grimsby provides all the support a student could ever need

“One of the best things about The Academy Grimsby is that If you’re ever struggling then you will always get help.”

How small class sizes and a supportive team helped Millie grow in confidence:

What made you want to come to The Academy Grimsby?

It was the pathways that made The Academy Grimsby stand out. The other thing was the small class sizes. I don’t really like big classes, so that was another positive for me.

How have you found the support for learners?

One of the best things about The Academy is that if you’re ever struggling then you will always get help. You are never left to struggle and someone always takes the time to make sure you’re up to speed.

Has The Academy Grimsby helped you as a person?

Being here has definitely made me more confident. At my previous school I had friends, but I was quite shy – I stuck to what I knew in my comfort zone and never entirely fitted in. At The Academy, there are lots of events and team building days so you get to know everyone. It has helped me grow. It helps that it’s such a welcoming environment. You’re supported to be an individual – there’s just no judgement here.

What would you say to someone considering coming to study here? I would definitely recommend it. The pathways are brilliant. You get really in-depth knowledge of the route you’re thinking about taking, and that helps you decide if it’s right for you.