A ‘roaring’ success: Hear from our animal care pathway learners, as they celebrate their GCSE results

This year, we’ve been particularly proud of our learners. They’ve had a challenging 18 months in education but have risen to the challenge and our graduating Year 2s are now planning for their future.

We spoke to two of our animal care pathway learners collecting their GCSE results this year about their results and the wider impact The Academy Grimsby has had on them.

Darci Johnson

Results: Three 6s, 5, distinction star, merit

“I came to The Academy Grimsby because I’ve always loved animals and knew I wanted to focus on a career which allowed me to follow that passion. The animal care pathway was perfect for me.

“I think I thrived because here, there are much smaller class sizes, which I really liked. The teachers are more focused on individuals. But just because there are fewer of us, doesn’t mean it’s quiet – I’ve made lots of friends here. Following my results, I’m moving on to study at the Grimsby Institute. It’s been a great few years and I’ve recommended that my brother should come here too.”

Katie Jackson

Results: 8, 7, three 6s, 4, merit

“I can safely say that I wasn’t expecting such good results. I didn’t think I would do as well as I have and it’s a great feeling.

“I came to The Academy Grimsby for the animal care pathway and I’ve really enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve learnt so much about all different types of animals.

“I think it’s just a completely different experience to that of any other school. The class sizes are smaller, the teachers are so nice and have all helped me and I’ve made lots of friends too.

“I’ve always enjoyed science and now I can combine that with the animal care pathway and pursue my dream of becoming a vet. After receiving my results, I’m heading off to study A levels in maths, biology and chemistry. For anyone considering coming to The Academy Grimsby, I would really recommend it.”

Have you got a passion for animals? Our animal care pathway is ‘purr’-fect for you.