Increasing confidence: ‘How The Academy Grimsby helped me to find myself’

“The Academy Grimsby gives you freedom to discover who you are.”

How The Academy Grimsby provided support and advice to help Ruby decide what she wanted to do:

Name: Ruby

What sets The Academy Grimsby apart from other schools?

At The Academy Grimsby, you’re given a lot of freedom to just be yourself. It helps you to find yourself and discover who you are and what you’re good at.

Do you feel supported at The Academy Grimsby?

There’s so much access to support here. We get so much support from the teachers. Especially when we’ve been learning from home, if we wanted more help we could just email our teachers and they would call us and do a one-to-one sessions. There’s usually only about 15 people in the classrooms and the small class sizes mean it’s really easy for teachers to come round to everyone and explain what we need to do in more detail. We also get support with career options, including looking at colleges and universities.

What are the facilities like?

We get access to Grimsby Institute and the brilliant facilities and teachers there. Being able to wander around the campus really helps you to picture yourself at college. You can start thinking about where you might want to go after the Academy or which course you might want to take.

Any outstanding moments from your time at The Academy Grimsby?

One really great thing about The Academy Grimsby is we get to have ’masterclasses’ – where professionals come in and talk to us so we can see what their industry is like. I particularly enjoyed professionals coming in to teach us about mental health – showing us how to support people.

What would you say to someone considering coming to The Academy Grimsby?

The Academy Grimsby helped me to find myself. My confidence has increased massively and I know what I want to do in the future.