Live Your Best Life: Take centre stage at The Academy Grimsby!

Over the last two years, when he wasn’t performing on the West End stage, appearing on TV or starring in radio productions, Troy Tipple attended The Academy Grimsby. Of course, he took the popular performing arts pathway and is now more confident than ever that the arts is the right route for him.

 “I moved to Scunthorpe when I was in Year 9 so decided to join The Academy Grimsby to do the performing arts pathway in Year 10.

“I enjoyed the pathway a lot! We had the same teacher for both years and she was great.

“Not only was the pathway great, it’s also a lot better learning in smaller classes. Some of my classes were made up of just 14 learners, so we got real one-to-one attention. But you don’t miss out on the social aspect – I’ve made quite a few friends here as well.

“My focus has always been performing arts, but I worked hard for my GCSEs as well. I’m most surprised at achieving a seven in History. I really didn’t think I do as well as that, but I’ve done lots of work since my mocks and attended the after school revision classes.

“My time at The Academy Grimsby has confirmed that I really want to go into the arts. I was Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the West End and have been in a couple of TV dramas and radio productions. So I’ve had some experience and believe that The Academy Grimsby is a great place to come to if you want to pursue performing arts. You’ll receive the support and encouragement you need.”

If you’re destined for the stage or screen – or are interested in working behind the scenes – get in touch to find out more about our performing arts pathway.