Live Your Best Life: Small class sizes, big ambitions

Erika Gaunt is celebrating securing a place at Oxford Brookes University to study mental health nursing. But her journey started two years ago at The Academy Grimsby. Having discovered that she thrived in small class sizes and one-to-one teaching, Erika took the engineering pathway and then went on to Career 6 to study applied science. The rest is history…

“I’m more of a practical, physical person so the engineering pathway at The Academy Grimsby suited me perfectly and I really enjoyed it.

“The smaller class sizes really, really benefited me and are the reason why I decided to stay on for Career 6. Other colleges in Grimsby were just too big and I felt much better here.

“I didn’t think I’d get such good results – with three Distinction* in applied science. But I put the work in, and it’s paid off! I’m amazed and really, really happy.

“Having experienced my own struggles with mental health, I know first-hand how amazing mental health nurses are. So I decided to go on to study mental health nursing myself.

“I can’t wait to go to uni. I’ve got all of my stuff packed already!

“For anyone considering going to The Academy Grimsby, I would say: if you want a career in one of The Academy Grimsby’s pathways then go for it! They will give you the support you need to get there.”

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