Live Your Best Life: top of the class!

Top of the class! Amelia Banks was home schooled for a number of years but decided that she wanted to study her GCSEs alongside her peers. The Academy Grimsby’s learning environment obviously suited Amelia, as she achieved two nines, three eights and a six in her GCSEs!

 “After being home schooled, I tried a ‘traditional’ school. But I didn’t cope with the size very well. There were too many people and it was very overwhelming. So I decided to come to The Academy Grimsby where I knew there were smaller class sizes.

“The teachers worked with me to help make the transition easier. I was allowed to enter the school via a different route, so I could avoid any larger crowds. I also ate my lunch in a separate space, which really helped.

“I loved my time at The Academy Grimsby.

“I enjoy cooking and being creative, so the pathway options suited me. Now, I’m moving on to study at Career 6 to study English Literature, Sociology and Psychology. I’d like to become a teacher.

“I would definitely recommend coming to The Academy Grimsby!”

At The Academy Grimsby, we have the resources and facilities available to support everyone, providing one-to-one support and a choice of pathway options that are as unique as you. Get in touch to find out more.