How *not* to follow the crowd: Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’re here to help you live your best life, be your best self and get the grades you need

Some of our learners face bigger challenges than others. But that doesn’t stand in the way of them achieving their best here at The Academy Grimsby.

Charlie Smith

Charlie came to The Academy Grimsby at a time when he was battling terrible anxiety – something a lot of young learners cope with. Charlie has worked incredibly hard and his dedication and the support of the teachers and his peers has resulted in some great results in his GCSEs.

“I had bad anxiety and couldn’t even walk through the door without being sick. That’s how bad it was. But at The Academy Grimsby, I got the help I needed and I haven’t looked back.

“I’d managed to catch up by the first Christmas. I’m now going on to do A-levels in maths, business and economics. I want to become an accountant so my grades here should really help.”

Cameron Coupland

Cameron had been homeschooled for the majority of his secondary school education. He felt that his social skills needed improving, so started at The Academy Grimsby in Year 2 and hasn’t looked back.

“My first day was nerve-wracking. But once I’d settled in and made some friends, everything went smoothly.

“I decided to take the creative, digital and games pathway because I’m interested in technology and computers. And I’m so glad I chose this pathway. The tutor was amazing and helped me a lot. He made things easy to understand and gave me all of the resources I needed to learn.

“For anyone considering transitioning from homeschooling, I would recommend coming to The Academy Grimsby. It’s a good place to start before college.

“I’m now going on to study T Level in IT at Career 6.”

To find out more about how The Academy Grimsby can help you get the grades you need and become the person you want to be get in touch.